GUEST POST: Dee Rasha talks Collaborative Projects

I love collaborating with other authors, even though I hated group projects in college: Here’s why!

I love collaborating with other authors. I truly do. It’s how I got into writing in the first place. 

Actually, the very first story I have written was not mine alone. It was a joint effort between my cousin and I. We were in our early teens, we didn’t have cell phones, we didn’t use email, although we had a computer at home. Internet was not a thing then. At the time, we wrote actual letters to each other and in every letter, each of us wrote a part of our story and left it open in the middle of a scene or finished with a cliffhanger and the other one continued.

For those who don’t know how letters on a paper look like 😀 Here is our story in making.

My very first collaborative short story typed on my ancient computer, 1998!

It was so much fun. We never discussed the plot or characters or anything really. We just did it.

Years went by, I grew up, lived some, and one day stumbled upon a story I thought had potential. I contacted the writer and offered a few ideas for future chapters. She liked what I had to say and we started to talk, brainstorm, and one day I said, “Hey, I’ve got an idea for a story of my own.” 

And just like that, I was back in business!

My pen buddy was super supportive, listened to all of my ideas, brainstormed with me when I found myself in a tight spot, and it was marvelous. I finished that story in a matter of months and loved every second of that journey.

It was only a couple of years later when I again felt a wave of that kind of support and camaraderie, and that was when I joined a group of writers preparing an erotica anthology, Pearls and Ties on Wattpad. I really liked the group. They were cheering each other up, supporting each other’s ideas, it was a very positive experience for me. 

So when Emily approached me with an idea, an offer really, to join another anthology, I agreed. Eager to dip my toes into that amazing atmosphere of buzzing ideas and excited minds again. And boy, if I liked the previous group, I fell in love with this one. It was like watching a beautiful symphony performing a well-rehearsed piece. There was still cheering and supporting, but this time around, since our aim was actually publishing the books, I got to see everybody chipping in with whatever knowledge and skills each had to make it happen. All with kind words and passionate eagerness I only ever seen in writing communities. It was astounding.

I came to a realization that I was under the wrong impression that I don’t like working in groups. All the projects I’ve been forced to collaborate on with other people in college flashed through my mind. I saw people promising to do research and then bailing on me. Teammates not making it to our meetings. Brainstorming which was done by me alone…

It was not because my classmates didn’t care about the project, their grade, or their studies. They just lacked the passion writers have for their babies. Writers are a completely different type of crowd. My type of crowd.

Don’t miss Dee Rasha’s upcoming stories in Secrets and Love at First Sip, releasing on November 19th, 2021! Read an excerpt from Love Between Worlds below.

I wanted this to be a nightmare so badly. 

My mind strayed home, to Xana, to the day this whole ordeal started and changed my life forever. It now felt like a lifetime away, but it happened less than a year ago. 

It was the last time I saw Mickael. I watched him head for the house to turn on the watering system, a knot at the pit of my stomach stopping me from following. Something was not right. I couldn’t put my finger on it. It was a whisper I couldn’t quite catch, a feeling I couldn’t quite grasp. The sound, or rather the lack of it. The air gained a chilly edge as it always did when midday came and the stars lined up for the eclipse. But the shadows seemed somewhat darker than usual. 

I remembered switching my goggles’ setting and looking up to the skies to see if anything was amiss with the stars. Then I saw it. A large silhouette hovered in front of the bright circle. It slowly started to gain a form. A ship. The harvesters’ ship.

A blast from the city warning sirens pierced through my heart, making it stop for a second. I turned to my brother who stood frozen in place. “Mick, run!”

Love Between Worlds, Dee Rasha, from the Love At First Sip anthology

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