Indie Book Gush – My Lord by L.B. Shimaira

After reading In Sickness and in Hell (review here!), I was sure that I would be into anything Shimaira produced. I ordered a copy of My Lord in hardcover because it is gorgeous, and meant to leisurely read it over time, letting myself live and bask in the world for a while.

Yeah, I binged it.

I was hooked from the get go—I knew that Shimaira was good at horror, and given the time period and gothic feel, expected terror at every turn. But My Lord is much more subtle, an underlying tendril of dread mixed with curiosity and intrigue that kept me up at night reading. I had to know what was up with Lord Deminas. I had to know if Meya would be betrayed by her peers in the castle. I had to know if she was going to get closer to the other ladies working alongside her—and in none of these things did Shimaira disappoint.

“I want to be the one to tame you, but without breaking you. I wish for you to entrust your soul to me.”

My Lord, L.B. Shimaira

My Lord begins Meya’s journey being captured into a life of servitude, and though it’s all new and scary, it’s not all bad. Lord Deminas is a hardass, but he’s fair, and despite his sadism she is curious about him, and in turn, so was I! He never ceased to surprise me, and neither did any of the other characters.

I knew from In Sickness and in Hell that Shimaira easily weaves romance and even tenderness into her horror, but in My Lord this is even more of a feat because one of the love interests is kind of also the antagonist. Lord Deminas is a complicated man, but he’s interesting and sexy and Meya does what she must with the libido and curiosity and opportunities she is given. It’s organic and fascinating, and mygawd the steam.

Let’s just say my favourite scene between the two of them has to do with a particular hot melty substance…

“So, my little pet wants to play…” He moved his face next to hers and growled. “As you wish.”

My Lord, L.B. Shimaira

It just so happens that another friend of mine, Mrs. Jyvur Entropy (she’s a Mrs. now!), also loves Shimaira and reviewed My Lord. In fact, we planned it this way, and both grilled her with some questions in honour of Pride Month!

I asked Shimaira about LGBTQ representation in My Lord, and she said:

“MY LORD has no labels mentioned anywhere, but it should be quite clear that Meya is either bi or pan. Nina is more sapphic leaning but gender doesn’t matter to her in regards to sex. Lord Deminas might be on the aromantic spectrum, especially considering how his own feelings felt so… foreign to him and he had trouble identifying them. And he is very much bisexual.

And then of course, Meya, Nina and the Lord are polyamorous. Commander Andreas is pansexual and aro. Juris is aroace (for some reason this I just know for sure).

The rest of the characters are… unknown if I’m honest as I never got to really know their sexualities or romantic interests (I mean, Brit, Winnie, Gail all have some bi-vibes, Lea is hard to gauge…)”

L.B. Shimaira, Author of My Lord

My Lord is published by Gurt Dog Press, a small press that specializes in LGBTQ characters in all manner of genres (not just romance). To learn more about them and their rep in Shimaira’s words, head on over to Jyvur’s post to read her review and Shimaira’s answer!

“If your heart is big enough for two, I’m just happy to be one of them.”

My Lord, L.B. Shimaira

What’s your favourite Pride Month read?

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