Indie Book Gush – The Muse’s Touch by Pixie Stormcrow

Are we ready for a big ol’ book gush? Because I’ve been waiting to slather this book with all of my love. The talented Pixie Stormcrow was kind enough to give me a digital ARC of this baby a while back and I am officially a lifelong fan and reader of hers (Bound By Red is my next one queued up!).

Anyway, The Muse’s Touch. Basic premise is that erotic romance author Paige has a sexy-as-hell muse in her dreams, Shade. She draws inspiration from their steamy bdsm games while she sleeps, and writes all kinds of delectable stories based on him.

The twist? Shade is a succubus named Davin, and he’s real. He visits her dreams to feed on her essence safely instead of drawing from having sex with people in real life. But he’s been visiting Paige for a while, over and over, instead of swapping around different people.

When Paige gets mixed up in some real-life demon danger, Davin shows up and shatters her whole perception of the world. Suddenly they have to work together to battle against the forces of evil, and protect each other in different ways.

It is fucking awesome. And man I want my own sexy bdsm muse demon, haha!

There’s so much that I love about this premise. It’s a unique and fun take on the succubus theme, for one. Davin is an ethical demon, and though he’s been through some things in his past, he does what he can to only take what he needs in a safe way. While also giving mind-bending pleasure, of course! Because this book is hella steamy and Davin knows what he’s doing.

I’m always on the hunt for steamy bdsm romance in which the dominant character is respectful. Davin is thoughtful and cares about Paige’s mental and physical well-being, and that shows in every facet of their scenes together. And then when they’re engaging in sexytimes he’s deliciously dom, and the scenes are so good. Pixie has a knack for visceral description, and it carries into the sex scenes seamlessly.

The characters are believable and interesting, and even the secondary characters shine. I especially enjoyed Ainsley and Seth, the latter of which I won’t tell you who he is because I don’t want to spoil too much. But the fact that even a character can stand out so much to me without getting very much screen time shows that these characters are multifaceted and clear enough in voice that they’re memorable.

Both Paige and Davin have believable character arcs that are incredibly fun to experience, especially in dual POV. I’m a sucker for dual POV, because who doesn’t want to experience stories from both sides? So fun! I love seeing each character through the other’s eyes, and it’s especially poignant towards the end of the novel.

Anyway I can keep going on and on, except I don’t want so spoil all the fun things about this book! So, here’s how you can read it:

You can head on over to Pixie’s Website and grab yourself an absolutely gorgeous paperback or hardcover copy (she’s also selling signed ones too!). If you’re a digital reader, you can read it on Galatea, which is Inkitt’s interactive reading app. Because it’s early days, The Muse’s Touch is text only right now, but the first ten chapters are free, and you can buy or earn tokens to unlock the chapters immediately or wait six hours for them to unlock themselves.

And before you ask, yes, Galatea has dark mode. That’s a must for my eyeballs, so I thought I should mention it. As I’m navigating the app more, I’m taking notes, and hopefully I’ll have enough info to do a WTF is Galatea post too, haha!

Have you read any of Pixie’s books? What are your favourite bdsm romance tropes? Are you excited for consensual erotic scenes that are hella steamy? Drop your comments below. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Indie Book Gush – The Muse’s Touch by Pixie Stormcrow

  1. Love how all of Pixie’s books have dominant but caring and tender doms ❤ Makes my heart flutter (among other things :P)

    I've never used Galatea, but definitely checking it out now just to see Pixie's book in a new format!


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