Deep & Delicious Down Dockside

This is an account of my experience reading the script for the upcoming visual novel Down Dockside, an erotic furry story written by the incredibly talented Nikita Nian. So this is your NSFW warning that I’m not beating around any bushes here. Literally.

Curiosity burns in my gut, swirling up into my throat as I click to open the script for Down Dockside. I know Nikita’s style is visceral and poetic and doesn’t shy away from the dark. I know what kind of filth lurks in his beautiful brain. My heart pounds with excitement as I scroll through the preliminary formatting down to the opening scene.

We open in a harbour, and then zoom right into a brothel, where we’re immediately thrust into deep first-person POV, privy to all of our protagonist’s thoughts. Aska, our strapping young cheetah, begging a wolf he calls ‘Emperor’ to fuck him harder.

Thrust wasn’t meant to be a pun, but here we are.

This is Samash and Tommy, the artists of Down Dockside, click the image for their profile!

There’s a perfect blend of visceral description and inner monologue contrasting the words that are being said in dialogue—one of my favourite things in fiction, really. When a character is thinking one thing but speaking the opposite or just embellishing to make their companion feel a certain way.

And this courtesan cheetah with an intense number of dick piercings is very good at embellishing.

This delightful erotic romp sets the tone for the story for me, Aska’s dry thoughts make him sassy and likable, a professional sexpot with a tongue-in-cheek flair.

An errant thought crosses my mind as cum splashes across his back—*it must take anthropomorphic animals forever to clean their fur after sex—*and that is not something I ever thought would flit through my mind.

The post-coital pillow talk is surprisingly tender despite it being a business transaction, and the inclusion of tail wags to display contentment is both sweet and gives a great ambience.

Upon meeting Juul, the owner of the—ahem—Entertainment Establishment, I’m instantly in love with her quick wit and brutal honesty with Aska. It seems he has a pretty sweet deal here, and she takes good care of him despite making her business profitable. Their vibe is entertaining and comfortable, and when I make it to the end of the script I’m left scrolling—unsuccessfully— to find more story that isn’t yet there.

Muttering a string of curses under my breath, I take to my word processor to describe the feelings aflutter in my gut… the curiosity to see this script come to life tomorrow, imagining what it would be like to need a friend to help brush my back to make sure there’s no cum stuck back there, and also wondering about the answer to the raised question—how does one jerk off a dick that is covered in so many piercings?

If you want to explore this compelling Visual Novel, you can find out all the details on Nikita Nian’s patreon. The game’s pre-alpha launch is June 7th, so if you sign up now you can be experiencing it tomorrow!

And if you’d like a delicious sample of what Nikita is capable of creating when it comes to steamy furry content, check out his collaborative erotic story with Jyvur Entropy, His Demon; His Slave here!

2 thoughts on “Deep & Delicious Down Dockside

  1. Thanks so much for this blog-post! I’m so glad you enjoyed it ^^

    Can’t wait for the actual alpha to come out 😀


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